Week 1

We had an exciting deliver this week…letter’s from our Pen Pal’s in Norway. They are from a Primary School in Sykklevyn, Norway. We were excited to read their letters and look at where their school is on google maps.

Speaking & Listening T3

Not only did all students do an amazing job presenting this term’s speaking and listening task but they have learnt to give quality feedback as well. Here is an short Video of 4/5S giving feedback to Cooper after his speech last week.



Here are some of our amazing pieces!

The Worst Parade Ever by Seb

It was that time again, the annual town parade. There is one each year. Some are memorable and some are not. Last year’s was one that I will never forget. It was so bad, actually horrible and if it’s grammatically correct to say; it was the baddest, bad parade of all the parades that ever were. Last years parade is the one that I will never forget.

The parade started out ok, with the African Drummers. Everyone clapped like crazy but that is when the first bad thing happened. Someone clapped a little too hard, so hard that it resulted in a broken wrist. Unfortunately, the mayor forgot to have a paramedic at the ready so triple zero had to be called. To make it even worse, that someone was me. I was ok in the end and got to see the rest of the ‘baddest of bad’ parade unfold.

Twenty horrible performances later, nothing had changed. That’s when the ambulances started to arrive. There had been a food poisoning outbreak, five hundred people poisoned out of one thousand. That’s a lot of poisoning. There could only be one business behind this, Tony’s café. I’ve had friends come out of that café half dead! But man they had a good cover up this time. They said that it must have been the company they get their bananas from but in fact they had actually been putting rats in every dish.

You might be thinking can it get any worse? Well believe me it did. There was still one more performance to go. This was the gala ending parade. Everyone went on the stage. The trumpeteers, the Japanese pop group, the comedy kings (that’s a laugh, because they weren’t even funny). They all danced on to the stage and ended up falling into a tangled mess. The paramedics thought they would help but made it even worse by becoming entangled too. The crowd thought it was part of the act and cheered loudly. In the end the commotion caused the stage to collapse into the crowd causing even more injuries. I’m sure you’ll agree to this was the worst parade ever!   

The silence is breaking by Luisa

As I walk through the cold, deserted street, I wonder everyone is. Every time I walk past a corner, I feel as though someone is going to jump out at me.

In the distance the silence is breaking, I see a blur of commotion. Up ahead there is a huge mob of people staring at the same being, a girl, on the ground. Her eyes like pearls, she whispers “Do not blink, do not sleep, they are watching us always”. Children start to cry, adults murmur amongst themselves. I push myself to the front, almost immediately the crowd scatters around me. The girl looks deep into my eyes then suddenly falls. In that instant, I realise that she is soaking wet. I call for help but the crowd ignores me, all I can think is she must be dangerous, a freak, a psychopath.

At the break of dawn, my feet are cold, my heart is pumping and I can feel it. Yesterday washes over, the girl is staring at me with those pearl eyes. “What is your name?” she asks, “Jules” I reply, “What is yours?”, “Violet” she answers “Well Jules you better watch out, strange things are about to happen.”

I awaken from my ghastly daydream, more shocked than before. I realise that I have fallen on the concrete since I do not remember lying down. My body is aching but I have to warn everyone, I see a glimpse of light then I fall into a deathly sleep.

I awaken to a scream from hell. My feet are burned, ashes flying everywhere. I look up to see Violet smiling down at the destruction around her whispering the words “I warned you Jules, the end has come…”